Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable 19.0.2

Image Firefox Portable 19.0.2
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  • Developer:

    Mozilla Corporation

  • OS:

    Windows 2000

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  • Updated:

    January 30, 2022

  • "Portable version of the very fast Mozilla Firefox browser"

Firefox Portable is the portable English version of the popular Internet browser that you can carry around on USB sticks to take with you all your personal settings, as well as your history and even the add-ons you install. Absolutely every aspect of the fox's navigation software can be stored on a removable drive for use on any computer without having to reconfigure everything.

The features of Mozilla Firefox have been transferred to this portable version: bookmarking system, high speed loading of web pages, high compatibility when dealing with all types of online content, and so on. This makes it the best choice for users who want to surf the web quickly, comfortably and safely.

Firefox Portable saves add-ons, bookmarks, histories, bookmarks, favorites and other items on the USB stick inserted in the computer so that they can be loaded on the PC you are using.